Architectural Association

The Architectural Association (AA) is the UK’s oldest and only remaining private school of architecture. We have grown up alongside – and to a very great degree helped shape – modern architectural education and the profession in the UK and beyond. This year’s Prospectus demonstrates modern architecture’s ongoing evolution and the challenges faced by today’s architects. These realities serve as the backdrop to the teaching and learning at our school.

The AA is made up of countless parts. At our core is a worldwide association of members, an unrivalled public programme – of lectures, exhibitions, publications and other special events – and a global approach to teaching comprising a foundation year, undergraduate and graduate schools and more than 50 Visiting Schools worldwide. Staff and tutors of outstanding experience, ambition and creativity support AA students throughout all levels of their education. And given the fact that 85 per cent of our students (and a similar percentage of tutors) come to London from abroad – bringing with them a world of personal beliefs, ideas and approaches – creates an architecture school unlike any other.

The following pages provide a brief introduction to AA life – from our renowned unit system of teaching and programme agendas to the public lectures, symposia, trips and projects that make up the year ahead. Whether read while looking out from one of the orderly windows that makes up the facade of our Georgian houses on Bedford Square; or under the canopy of trees in the working woodland of our Hooke Park campus in Dorset; from inside the lively design studios; or a packed public forum, what follows is a glimpse into a completely unique school of architecture – one made up diverse unit and programme studios, public galleries, dozens of lectures, as well as archives, libraries, workshops and the daily moments of spontaneous revolution that take place at the everyday.

Universidad Europea

To provide our students with a holistic education, shaping leaders and professionals prepared to respond to the demands of a global world, who will add value to their professional fields and contribute to social progress with their entrepreneurial spirit and ethical values.

To generate and transfer knowledge through applied research, contributing in the same way to social progress and positioning ourselves at the cutting edge of intellectual and scientific development.

Universidad Europea considers academic excellence as one of its strategic pillars. Thus, its educational model has embraced the principles of the European Higher Education Area based on holistic learning of the person. In this model, the teacher is a leader and a mentor who accompanies students throughout their college lives. Students, meanwhile, plan their own training path by developing the knowledge, skills, abilities, and values ??that today’s society demands. The model puts special emphasis on the student’s maturity and autonomy, so that the student learns to adapt to an increasingly complex and constantly changing world.

When you do all you can to prepare yourself and find what really makes you happy, the best version of you will make its presence felt in everything you do. And that best version of you is the one that will make you shine wherever you go.